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I am Guillem Fernandez

Guillem Fernandez

Currently working as an independent iOS Developer, I consider myself as a proud family father, tech geek and very passionate professional.

I did Computer Science and have been developing applications for the last twenty years. I am a very fortunate person, as I've been able to convert my passion in my job, which I strongly believe is something that we all should aim to do.

After many years developing in different programming languages, managing, and training people, I decided to leave it all and focus all my efforts in being an iOS developer. Those last four years I've been improving my skills in objective-c, cocoa and all the theory about programming, working and designing to become one day the kind of expert I expect to be.

As iOS developer I have many oportunities to work in different environments that require other disciplines that iOS can't cover, I'm talking about server side dev and scripting. Ruby is my second passion as I found in it a great language to make my daily work easy and create great platforms and APIs to consume from my iOS apps.



  • Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

    2007 - 2013

    Computer Engineering

    Thesis: iUOC - iPad App. info
    GPA: 10 with distinction


  • Self-Employed

    Jan 2012 - Now

    Senior iOS Engineer

    I've been working for different customers iOS Engineer. The main fueatures of the projects developed in those customers are:

    Test suit definition.

    BDD using calabash.

    TDD using OCUnit, OCMock and other frameworks.

    REST API consumer.

    Map and GPS positioning, caching and reverse resolving.

    Continuous Integration.

    Agile Development.

  • Web Reservations International

    Jul 2012 - Jan 2013

    Mobile Team Lead

    As head of mobile team I'm responsible of defining a new architecture for the mobile applications of the company, plan a new development from scratch. Hostelworld’s app is a map centric application based on filtering by different criteria the hostels you have around a given position and then, thought their own server process the reservation and maintain a list of reservations in the phone. It is developed basically using mapkit.

    The techniques I uses to manage and develop the projects are:

    Agile Project Management.


    Code Review.

    Continuous Integration.

    Once the Inception Deck is finished I am starting with the development of the UI interface. To do it I am doing BDD using the framework calabash to pass the behaviour tests in iOS. I created the set of requirements with the product owner and moved it to a Gherkin syntax in order to use cucumber. At the same time I'm developing the model, which consists in a wrapper class that communicates with a REST service, doing TDD.

  • ISIS Papyrus Europe AG

    Sep 2011 - Jul 2012

    iOS Senior Developer

    ntegrated within a development team I'm working as iOS developer. In collaboration with an Android development team we develop a client to use ISIS Papyrus services and executer server applications. To carry out our daily work we use Gerrit Code Review tool and TDD as a development methodology in order to move towards a process of continuous integration that allows us to ensure the quality of the products developed. I've also developed an application to get information about ISIS events around the world.

  • Arestes Serveis Informatics S.L.

    Nov 2009 - Sep 2011

    CTO and HR Manager

    My tasks as CTO were to decide the technologies that will support the development of the daily activity of the company and the development of internal management application that I developed based on an SOA that later we used to operate services from applications I developed, web applications developed in PHP and desktop applications in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch for iPhone and iPad.

    As HR Manager my tasks were to perform the technical and personal interviews to candidates to hire for our customers. Likewise, among my duties was also project management and consulting. I managed to develop different implementation projects and Help-Desk creation projects. To develop my work, managed a team of four professionals from the division HR and a group of more than 40 people technically.

  • Self Employed

    Feb 2009 - Sep 2011

    iOS Developer

    Since early 2008 I made various developments in the OSX environment, IOS and Android for different customers in Barcelona including the local Government. Among the projects in IOS are the following applications:

    SITCRA - IOS and Android versions can be found in the App Store and Android Market.

    Application in Android sporting management with push notifications.


  • I am mainly iOS developer but also hi skilled on other languages and tools.

  • I am a strong believer in the preparation of the job and development techniques as TDD and BDD. A typical distibution in a project is.

    BDD Test
    TDD Tests
    Preparation tasks
  • I am a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan. Furthermore, I can speak a at business and technical level in English and a liitle bit of French.


Honors and Awards

  • GPA 10 With Distinction
    Thesis: iUOC - iPad App. info



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